What should bring/ wear to my first session?

Bring a bottle of water and comfy clothes you can move in, such as workout clothes. No shoes or socks necessary once you're on the mat, so don't worry about wearing trainers. Look for people dressed in gis (white pyjamas), and let them know you're new, we're super friendly so we'll take it from there!

Of course you can! We welcome beginners and have no fitness level requirements, if you ever want to go for a drinks breaks just let the senseis know (for health and safety purposes).

Paying for membership is a pretty straightforward process.
Firstly, go onto the SU Website at https://www.warwicksu.com/societies-sports/sports-clubs/jitsu/. If you have not done so already, make sure to purchase the On-Campus Warwick Sport Club Pass (£56) and the Sports Federation Fee (£32). You will only need to purchase this once to access any sports club at Warwick. Also purchase the Jiu Jitsu Standard membership (£6) on this page. This is the payment that Warwick Sport itself requires for its day-to day running.
Secondly, bring in £30 for your first term. This affiliates you with our national Jitsu Foundation and covers your insurance for your first year. For the second or third term, you can pay either for an individual session (£3) or for the whole term (£30). You can bring this in cash to our lovely treasurer or ask for an account number if you would prefer to transfer online.
Thirdly, come along and enjoy!

Simple. Just turn up and pay £30 for the term or £3 per session. Make sure your Foundation membership is up to date and if you need to renew it, visit https://www.jitsufoundation.org/about/forms/ and click on the Online License Form to renew your membership.

Is this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Modern Japanese Jiu-Jitsu differs from BJJ by placing significant emphasis on locks and throws on opponents who are standing up. We also practice self-defence from various attacks, weapons, and from multiple opponents. We are keen on fitness and learning standard boxing punches. However, we do also learn groundwork so if you are into BJJ, you’ll find your place here.